I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.

Turning a tent into a virtual 3d object

At the beginning of August, two students visited us to take photos of one of our tents on behalf of the Antiquities Commission of the LWL. It was not just a matter of taking a few snapshots, but a total of several thousand pictures, with the help of which a detailed 3D model of the tent is to be created using the so-called "structure-from-motion" method.

While our tents are usually placed in a neat row close to each other, this time one of them stood all alone on a large meadow. In bright sunshine, photos were taken from every conceivable perspective and a camera drone was also used. Of course, it will take some time to process the pictures, but we are already looking forward to the results.

A report on the students' experience with this project can be found in the blog of the Antiquities Commission: https://blog.altertumskommission.lwl.org/de/zelten-mal-anders/ (in German)


Zeichnung eines römischen Legionärs aus dem Logo der I. Roemercohorte Opladen e.V.