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24.12.2001 from ute pogorzelski concerning "Weihnachten":
28.11.2001 from Sheera Hofmann:
28.11.2001 from laura hirschberger:
24.10.2001 from Christina Maassen:
15.10.2001 from Mike Hafen concerning "Einen Gruss aus Schwetzingen":
15.10.2001 from Richard Campbell, Legio XX concerning "cornu dimensions":
I am trying to convince an instrument maker in the USA to produce a cornu, but he wants certain measurements so he can make a good price estimate. I see you have a cornu, and I was wondering if it would be possible for your cornicen to take a few measurements:
Across the grip, that is to say, from end to end; the inside diameter of the bell opening; and the total length from mouthpiece to bell. This would be a great help if you can do this. Jenny Cline was as Xanten and forgot to ask or take the measurements herself, and she is the person who mentioned you to me.
Gratias tibi ago!
Richard Campbell
24.09.2001 from Thomas Gottwald concerning "Salve Chris":
06.09.2001 from Enrico Müller concerning "echt cool":
05.09.2001 from Christina Maassen:
Hallo Michael, hallo Christoph, wirkliche eine interessante Homepage.Weiter so!!!
01.09.2001 from Bruno Römer concerning "Mein Name!!!":
Also was Ihr so alles aus und mit meinem Namen macht...
31.08.2001 from Crazy Dog:
23.08.2001 from Alan Window concerning "Kirby Hall, UK":
Sorry for the English.

Were you at Kirby Hall in the UK ?

Is Dr. Manfred Klimpel is your group ?

Do you have his email ?

Alan Window
09.08.2001 from Dominik Brückel:
09.08.2001 from Richard Campbell concerning "your event schedule":
I am compiling a list of all Roman Reenactment events in Europe and the US for and I was wondering if I could add your events to the list?
30.07.2001 from Marco Bockermann:
14.07.2001 from Hannes concerning "Eure Internet-Seite":
12.07.2001 from Georg Döller concerning "Grüsse":
10.07.2001 from François concerning "Hallo":
ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas.
Bitte euer Kommentar in Bad Koenig!
15.06.2001 from Jorma:
26.05.2001 from Schuetz, Ingo:
Ich bin zum ersten Mal bei Lugnasad IV auf Sie aufmerksam Hinblick auf Ihre Ausruestung und der Ernsthaftigkeit ihrer Arbeit sehr beeindruckend.